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Sea turtle nesting season, ordinance continue through Oct. 31

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Sea turtle nesting season is not yet concluded on Longboat Key. According to Cyndi Seamon, Vice President of Longboat Key Turtle Watch, the group is actively conducting spot checks on existing nests, and there are still some marked nests on the island. It’s possible that there are even unmarked nests waiting to hatch.

Despite the impact of Hurricane Idalia’s storm surge on Longboat Key beaches, Seamon mentioned that turtle nests may still be hatching during the remaining part of the season, and the group is eagerly anticipating the emergence of hatchlings.

It’s essential to note that the town’s turtle protection ordinance remains in effect until October 31. As such, maintaining clean beaches, refraining from digging holes, and keeping the beaches unlit during the night are practices that continue to be crucial during this late stage of the season, emphasized Seamon.

In addition, Longboat Key Turtle Watch is offering T-shirts for fundraising, available at UPS and Design 2000. Your support contributes to the preservation of these remarkable creatures.

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